Heritage Hatchery & Cardens

The Salmon Ponds, circa 1861, is the oldest trout hatchery in the Southern Hemisphere. It was the birthplace of trout in Australia and the origin of Tasmania’s legendary trout fishery

Come see the wild Platypuses

The Platypus would have to be this planet’s must unusual creature, looking like a Duck, Beaver and Otter all rolled into one

19th Century English Garden

The Salmon Ponds is a rare example of a 19th century English style public open space

Take a walk back in time amidst the historic buildings, hatchery and fish ponds – all set within the original 19th century English style public open space of superb trees, hedges and lawns.

  • Historic Trout Hatchery & Ponds
  • Museum of Trout Fishing and Angling Hall of Fame
  • Pancakes by the Ponds – Licensed Restaurant & Café
  • Conference / Convention Facilities
  • Picnic Area with BBQ Facilities
  • Gift Shop
Not a line could be cast for trout until the first Brown and Rainbow Trout in the southern hemisphere were raised here in 1864. They were the base stock of streams and lakes in Australia and New Zealand.

Visitors can view fish breeding in all its stages, from fingerlings to full-grown Brown, Rainbow and Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon.

Anglers with an interest in the history of their sport will appreciate the collection showing the changes to fishing equipment over time and the history of angling in Tasmania. The museum is housed in the cottage built for the first superintendent of the Salmon Ponds in 1865.

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