Trout Fishing in Tasmania

The Salmon Ponds gives you a close-up look at some of the trout and salmon that can be caught in Tasmania’s lakes and streams.

You can fish within a few minutes of our towns and cities, or explore lakes and streams in beautiful wilderness areas for trophy trout.

The main angling season is from August to May and you need a licence to fish, but in some locations you can now fish all year round for trout without the need for a licence.

The Inland Fishery Service manages Tasmania’s wild fishery and is responsible for the stocking of lakes and rivers. They produce a Fishing Code each year – an informative booklet which is the essential pocket guide to your fishing.

How the Inland Fisheries Service can help you

The Inland Fisheries Service website tells you everything you need to know about trout fishing in Tasmania including:

  • All the current news on the best fishing, water levels and events
  • Where to fish – including data sheets on each fishing location
  • Season dates and other events including open days
  • Fishing waters – and fishing conditions applicable to them
  • Types of fish
  • Fishing regulations and licence fees
  • Where you can buy your licence
  • Stocking program
  • Native species and environmental issues
  • Angling groups and links to commercial trout guides
  • And much more

Lakes in Tasmania